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I want to share with you a little bit about me and who i am. for those of you who know me or have followed my photography journey know that i love photos, i love capturing life and being able to look back at those moments. i didn't realize how important photos were to me until i looked next to me and saw my babies. my little humans are my world and man does my world grow fast. those three give life to everything i do.

now before i dive in i will warn you this post is a smidge long but i promise you it's worth it! :)

I'm sure you've heard it before in my posts or info page, but i love people. i really do. as annoying or rude as some people get, we all get that way. we all have bad days and that's why i think i love people so much, because we are all the same. we fight different battles but we all have a story. we're all given different situations and circumstances but at the end of the day we all scroll through instagram, lol just kidding but you get what i'm saying. were all the same yet different and unique in our own ways and we all have our own stories that not everyone is going to understand.

As i turn these pages in my life i'm learning to understand how precious every little detail is. EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. my babies toes, the way the trees sway in the wind, the way my son learns how to ride his bike, the way those cookies rise in the oven as they're baking, the way my son brushes his teeth,, the way my other half plays his video games (yeah i went there) lol these little details are soooo important and it's so easy to look right past them. as we hear allll the time "life goes so fast" well IT DOES, and i've been learning to really take in each moment and really feel those details because those moments don't last very long. so let's capture them.

As you can tell on this fun journey telling you about myself, i love talking. lol what girl doesn't am i right?! i'm a very expressive person, my emotions just fall out of my body but i love who i am, i love expressing myself. it gets hard at times but i love it. and with my camera in my hand, expressiveness & photographs put together is just flawless.

Onto the next order of business, who here loves Jesus?! HALLELUJAH! all i gotta say is thank God for a savior! i don't want to go too into this topic, but as i share my life with you this is a very crucial thing to know, HE IS EVERYTHING TO ME and with everything i do i give god all the glory.

here's a quick run through of some of my favorite things. mexican food is life. 80's hair bands. my boys. traveling. drawing. talking to God. walking. donuts. photos, obvi. shopping. garage sales. chocolate cake. bbq's with the fam. the zoo, giraffes are beauty.🦒 fall time. pizza. Christmas. singing in the car by myself with the windows down. annnnd making new friends. BOOM.

on that note, i would love to be friends and capture your story for you. i'm super laid back and love having a good time and photographing life and love as it is -

authentic + beautiful.

much love,

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